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Ten Most Effective Marketing Strategies to Market Fashion Brands

Ten Most Effective Marketing Strategies to Market Fashion Brands

A good fashion marketing plan is essential for every fashion brand to be ahead of the rest. With the industry forecast to reach $38.2 million in 2023, a good strategy will not only help them keep afloat in this treacherous sea of eCommerce, but also help them grow, as other brands flounder in confusion. No matter your level of experience in the fashion industry, whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, you will need a plan that is effective for marketing your clothing brand. The digital marketing landscape for fashion brands has changed significantly over the past few decades. Your business must be constantly adapting and evolving to stay ahead.

Marketing Strategies for Clothing Boutiques

A small business cannot expect to attract foot traffic, especially given the current global events. Brick-and mortar stores will be the ones who can promote their brand and attract customers who will be most successful during these turbulent times. While it might seem futile to compete with online retailers that offer the most affordable products, 86% say they are prepared to pay more to get a better experience.

You can promote this experience by doing the following:

  • Initiate a loyalty programme
  • You can have in-store events (in a safe way)
  • Promotions can be incorporated into social media
  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Help Your Local Community

These proven marketing methods are great for small clothing shops. It allows them to provide a great customer experience which can be a way to compete with large, international brands that offer the lowest prices.

Digital Marketing for Fashion Brands

However, digital marketing should still be considered as a part of your overall strategy. Digital marketing is essential to make your brand stand out amongst the rest. Let’s take a look how to market a fashion label:

  • Retarget Visitors You could target visitors by displaying reminder ads that remind them of a product they have seen previously on your website. Retargeting people who have an item in a cart but have not purchased yet can be done by offering lucrative discounts. Retargeting campaigns can increase sales and provide a great return on investment.
  • Connect With Influencers To target your market effectively, collaborate with influencers such fashion bloggers and vloggers with a similar following to the customers you are targeting. Followers view influencers as trustworthy voices and will often prefer this format of marketing to traditional advertising methods like television. You can get your products promoted to new customers by having them review or recommend your products. You can get new customers if you choose the right influencer.
  • Engage Your Audience. Building brand loyalties starts with engagement. To improve the perception of your brand, it is important to engage your target audience. This builds community and drives sales. Engaging effectively with your audience is possible by showcasing campaigns that are relevant and resonate with them. This could include running contests on Facebook, responding quickly via Twitter and promoting giveaways via Instagram that highlight your products and values to customers.

Digital marketing for fashion brands can involve many different approaches, making it difficult to pinpoint where you should start. Here are 10 ways to create a successful fashion marketing plan for clothing companies and brands.

Create a website

Women’s Wear Daily reported on the closing of more than 1,875 fashion outlets last year. Yet, Statista predicts that revenue from the fashion segment will increase from PS360.7B for 2018 to PS534.5B for 2022. This seems contradictory. How is revenue increasing when so many stores are closing down? The internet. Online shopping is becoming more popular. This could mean a website being created if you don’t have one already.

Make sure you have a mobile presence

Once you have created a website (hopefully), we can move to digital marketing for fashion. Like our tendency to shop online, we are replacing keyboards with screens. Instead of using our desktops to browse the web, our smartphones will do so. Fashion brands need a responsive site that adjusts the size of content to fit their screen. If you don’t do this, your mobile users will have a poor experience and will be discouraged from engaging with your brand. This is especially true in the fashion industry, where many consumers will see items they like every day. If they can’t find it on your site, chances are they’ll move to a competitor.

Join the Social World

Social media marketing is crucial for fashion brands. It’s a great way to reach your target audience and establish a connection with them. You can also use Instagram to showcase and promote your products on certain platforms, such as Facebook. It is possible to integrate your store into certain channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. This allows your audience to buy the item they are interested in right away, even if they don’t see it on their own.

An Influencer can be attached to your brand

Influencers are the key to some of the most effective social media campaigns for fashion. Influencers are people from your industry or niche with large fan followings. They command attention and other influencers follow them. An influencer can Tweet photos of you wearing your clothes, which is a great way to promote your brand. Influencer marketing is like high school. They are the famous kids, and their followers will be the kids who follow them. However, influencer marketing isn’t just about big-name celebrities or wealthy influencers. These micro-influencers have proven to be extremely effective. Micro-influencers are highly engaged with their followers. A micro-influencer’s audience is composed of people who want to be involved in the posts and are likely to follow them from the start. It’s not all about the number of followers. It is about the quality of their followers.

Make the most of the latest technologies

Current technological developments in technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are driving a technological revolution. Chatbots, for example. Chatbots can be compared to 24/7 customer service reps. They guide your customers on their journey from registration to checkout. Chatbots can answer any question that your users may have. A human rep can also take over if the user doesn’t have the ability to answer the question.

Personalize everything

Shopify claims that 43% are influenced or influenced by personalized recommendations and promotions and that 75% want brands personalise messages, offers, and experiences. It is important to understand that personalization will not only help you sell more. Consumers don’t want just personalized messages with their name. They want an individual experience with you. Consumers want to feel like they are known and that you care about their interests. Personalisation is what makes fashion marketing campaigns successful.

Remarket to Your Users

Remarketing’s beauty is that it targets people who have previously visited your site in the past. You can therefore be sure that there’s something for you to do. Remarketing increases the likelihood of a conversion than a standard ad. This is because they are showing them something they already look at on your website and not some random item that they might not be interested. Remarketing allows you to increase brand exposure, target a wider audience, convert more customers and improve your ROI.

You should be focusing on your visuals

All brands need visuals, but fashion brands who rely on visuals to keep customers coming back are especially important. Make sure you upload images or videos that are meant to be seen. While these may seem like obvious steps, you’d still be shocked at how many companies have blurry or pixelated images that present their products in an unflattering way. Be like them and capture as many angles as you can so that your products are able to speak for themselves.

Start a blog

Ask any digital agency and they will tell you that blogging is a must-have for fashion brands. Blogs are a powerful tool in content marketing. They can help you improve your organic search rankings and expose new users to your brand. Each blog post creates a landing page that your audience can use to find you. A blog can also be used to communicate any updates or news you have, show off new styles and provide style guides for your audience as the seasons change.

Participate in a Giveaway or Contest

We’ll end with a giveaway or contest as the final fashion brand marketing strategy. Giveaways and contests are great ways to reach new customers and engage with existing ones, regardless of whether you’re promoting a new product or celebrating a holiday. The best past? You can use them to increase brand awareness and grow your audience. You can generate buzz around your brand by inviting participants to participate in the promotion by signing-up for an email newsletter, liking, sharing, or liking a page on social media. This will give you valuable consumer information that you can use to customize your clothing brand marketing strategy.

Examples of Fashion Marketing Campaigns

Three brands have shown success in fashion marketing campaigns to inspire you. To spark ideas and help unlock more success in your business, you can use a strong fashion marketing strategy.

  • Swoon to Monsoon A lot of fashion brands have started their own magazine shoppable. Net A Porter’s “The Edit”, is one of the most popular magazines. Swoon for Monsoon demonstrates that this isn’t just a marketing tool for top-end brands online. Access it from your mobile device, tablet or computer. You can also use GIFs and videos as visual elements. It’s a simple piece of shoppable information that shows you how it works.
  • Keeping pace with the Bakers, Ted Baker –Ted Baker has a reputation for his innovative and creative marketing campaigns. This is illustrated by the eight-part sitcom, Keeping up With The Bakers. It was an eight-part series that ran on Instagram. Each episode featured a different challenge that encouraged users to participate. The 360-degree shoppable film, which allows users to view the Baker home, and then purchase the products, was also revealed. This added a more gaming aspect to the shopping experience.
  • Love Immigration by JigsawFinally we have this fantastic campaign by Jigsaw. Socially conscious marketing has increased in recent years. Consumers are more interested in brands that do much more than sell. The balance can be difficult to achieve. Take a look at Kendall Jenner’s x Pepsi advertisement failure. Jigsaw’s bold and evocative Love Immigration campaign that celebrated British fashion diversity, however, was a huge success.

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