Lash Glue Tips: How to Get a Perfect Lash Every Time

Lash glue is one of the most essential elements in a lash artist’s toolkit. No matter how talented or high-quality their extensions may be, without proper adhesion between natural lashes and extension lashes the extensions may not bond properly and result in lower retention and dissatisfied customers.

There are various aspects that play into making sure your glue works effectively, from selecting the appropriate product for your needs as a Vippelim specialist and the specific conditions of your room to taking proper care in maintaining and caring for it so it remains in good condition over time.

Choose The Right Glue For Your Lashing Speed

Beginners or those just starting out need an adhesive that takes longer to dry; otherwise, too quickly-set glue may start setting before you have added extensions on natural lashes, leading to weak bonds and low retention rates. Experienced lash artists require fast drying glue as slow drying glue may slowdown their workflow or cause “stickies”.

Choose The Right Glue For Your Room Conditions

Keep temperature and humidity levels in mind when selecting glue that meets the required drying time; for instance, slow-drying adhesive could speed up under conditions where humidity reaches 60% or above.

Modify Your Room Conditions If You Need To

Numerous variables can have an effect on the temperature and humidity levels in any given space, including how humid, time of day and season it is. Humidity tends to peak late afternoon/early morning! Use a hygrometer in order to measure humidity in your workspace area; should there be significant shifts, use either a humidifier or dehumidifier as appropriate in order to restore it back into its target levels and switch glue accordingly.

Vary The Amount You Pick Up

If humidity changes and you wish to adjust your amount of glue applied accordingly to minimize drying times in humid spaces, add more when humidity increases before decreasing it when humidity decreases.

Replace Your Lash Glue Drop Frequently

Replace the glue drop every 15-20 minutes or anytime it becomes tacky; increasing humidity increases this frequency further. How quickly it becomes tacky also depends on where it is being placed – absorbent surfaces tend to dry it out faster.

Store And Care For Glue Correctly

Once opened, store in a dry and cool environment that does not contain refrigeration. Avoid touching air wherever possible by keeping the bottle sealed airtight container and not compressing or squeezing the bottle; shake for at least one minute using an adhesive pin before each use and change glue monthly if you are an active mascara artist.

Try Instant Cure

If you have tried everything to combat lash loss and are still having difficulties, our innovative product, Instant Cure could be just what’s needed to boost retention by 30% while simultaneously decreasing sensitivities and allergies from exposure to fumes.

Educate Your Client On Aftercare

Once your job as a lash artist is done, and everything possible has been done to ensure the glue’s optimal performance, your work with clients is complete! Now it is up to you to inform them on how they should take proper care for their lashes to extend their retention period and preserve your hard work!

  • 1.) Apply glue sparingly and allow it to dry for about 30 seconds prior to applying mascara onto the natural lash line – not entirely, just enough time so it stays sticky!
  • 2.) When wearing false eyelashes, make sure that only one coat of mascara is applied to each set of natural lashes; this will prevent their natural strands from getting mixed up with false ones and becoming confused.
  • 3.) Curl your natural eyelashes prior to applying fake ones for an even more dramatic and natural-looking effect that blends more seamlessly with natural lashes. This will also ensure the fake eyelashes blend more naturally into their surroundings.
  • 5) Allow the glue to set completely before applying mascara over it; this will prevent your eyelashes from shifting or any glue from dissipating.
  • Are your eyelashes not visible enough? An easy solution for this could be setting the mirror so it allows you to look down, which allows you to better see where they’re located precisely and their line. This technique could give your lashes greater visibility.
  • 7) Use a Lash Applicator: An effective application tool will make the entire process of applying eyelashes much simpler, giving you greater control and helping ensure they arrive exactly how you envision.
  • 8.) Before applying eyelashes, make sure they fit perfectly to your eyes by trimming off excess length. This can make application simpler while keeping a natural appearance of the eyes.
  • 9) Be sure to use an organic lash glue. This will protect your eyes from burning, watering or smudging should any glue get into them accidentally.
  • 10) Once you’ve removed your falsies with glue removers, take care to take off and wash off all glue residue before storing in their case for reuse later. Most false eyelashes should last at least several uses with proper care – so keep cleaning your mascara shampoo regularly to make sure that your falsies stay looking their best!

Hope these strategies help you achieve gorgeous lashes that last! To start off, apply a coat of mascara to both natural and false lashes before curling them to curl before applying false ones with glue. Allow the glue to set completely before applying more over it using an applicator; remembering to trim your false lashes accordingly prior to application.