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Apply eye makeup to deep-set eyes

You may notice a reduction in the size of your eyes if you have dark eyes. This doesn’t mean you have to stop using your favorite colors, or give up the thrill of creating dramatic wing or smokey eyes.

Learn more about deep-set eyes and how to use eye shadow to flatter any eye shape. It will be fun to learn how to make the most out of your facial features.

Determine Your Eye Shape

First, determine if your eyes are deep and what shape they are. This will allow you to get the most flattering look possible for your unique features. You don’t have to look like the model in the package or on social media.

To determine whether your eyes are well-set, take a mirror to your side and examine your eyes. If your brow bone appears to be more prominent than your eyes, and your eyes seem to be farther back than your head, your eyes might be too deep-set.

Let’s now take a closer look at the eye shapes. There are six types of eye shapes that can all benefit from using different makeup techniques.

Monolids: This is the eye shape that you should be using if your eyes are not defined. To create the illusion of a natural crease, follow the instructions below.

Hooded eyes: A hooded shape is one that has a defined eyelid crease but is concealed beneath a fold in the skin. This shape can be caused by aging and loss of skin elasticity. To keep your eyes clean, you might want to use waterproof mascara that is smudgeproof.

Round eyes: You can see the crease in your eyelids and a slight margin of white between your top and bottom lids. Round eyes can create dramatic, intricate eye shadow looks.

Almond eyes: Your eye shape is almond if your eyelid creases are visible and your iris touches both your top eyelids and bottom eyelids. Almond eyes can be complemented by deep, dark shades.

Upturned eyes: When the outer corners of your eye turn upward, (imagine drawing horizontal, pupil-level lines across your eyes to check), you will have upturned pupils. This eye shape is best suited to the Winged eyeliner.

Eyes that are downturned: Your eyes may be turning inward instead of up, as described above. To open your eyes a little, curl your eyelashes with a curling mascara.

Applying eye makeup will be easier if you know the shape and depth your eyes.

Prepare Your Eyes

Like any good “paint job”, we must start with a clean and primed surface. If your face has not been washed and dried yet, you can moisten a washcloth with warm water to wipe your eyes. This will remove any oil or dirt that may have gotten on your makeup.

Use a little bit of eyelid primer to apply to your finger. Make sure you get all the way to your eyebrow bone. You can also use regular primer for the eye area if you’re doing the whole face.

Apply a thin layer of liquid foundation to your skin. Apply the foundation up to your brow bone, and under your eyes if you plan to use concealer underneath the eyes.

For the best coverage of shadows under your eyes, choose a concealer one shade lighter than your skin. Blend it in with your foundation by applying it in an inverted triangle shape under your eyes. A yellow-toned concealer can be applied to the entire eyelid. This will create a brightening effect that is flattering for deep-set eyes.

Select Your Eyeshadow Palette

The best part about eye makeup is choosing your palette. There are many options! It is important to choose the right colors for you.

Consider when and how you will wear the makeup. You’ll want neutrals if you are looking for something that you can wear in a formal office setting. If you prefer a more vibrant look, metallics and brighter colors are options. You can mix and match colors in a variety of palettes.

Cool shades are best for people with blue skin tones. People with orange/yellow undertones will be more comfortable with warm colors. But neutrals can be used by everyone and many metallics are neutrals.

Also, consider your eye color. People with brown eyes look great in deep jewel tones. People with blue eyes will look better in shades of pink or grey, while people with green eyes or hazel eyes will look amazing in forest-toned colors.

Use Eyeshadow to contour your Eyes

Find your natural shadow. This is the place where the brow bone ends and the eye begins to grow. This natural bone structure will allow you to flatter your deep-set eyes by opening them up.

Apply a matte color to your eyelids up to the point where your natural shadow is. Next, blend the color into your outer corner. A little color can be added under the lower lashline.

Next, take a darker shade from the same palette and blend it in to your natural shadow. For a subtle and smooth look, blend as you go.

Next, choose a light, shimmery shade from the same palette. Use a small amount on the outer corner of your eyelids and blend it towards the middle. Next, highlight your eyebrow bone with the same shadow. Combine all these to create a subtle gradient, not sharp lines.

It’s now time to apply eyeliner! Although pencils are the easiest to use, gel/liquid is great for dramatic looks. Apply your eyeliner by starting at the outer corner, just below the lash line. Your eyes will appear brighter and open if you don’t line up more than half to two thirds of your upper eyelid.

Although you can draw the bottom lash line in the same manner, deep-set eyes look better with lower eyeliner. If you prefer a bolder look, draw a small diagonal line from the outer corner. Then, angle it upward towards the end of your eyebrow.

Finish off with a light layer of powder and mascara (not too heavy on your lower lashes). Make sure your rest of the makeup looks just as amazing as your eyes.

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