Women-Owned Clothing Companies: Celebrating Female-Founded Businesses

Who is the global leader? Of course, it’s girls. Women’s History Month is a great time to recognize female business owners and women-owned fashion brands. It’s a time to recognize the hard work of women and honor those who came before us. It also gives us the opportunity to inspire those who are willing to make a difference. Women have always had a significant impact on fashion, as in every other industry. Today’s female designers have huge shoes to fill, from Coco Chanel to VivienneWestwood. They are not only rising to the challenge, but also succeeding in major ways. It is amazing to see.

Are you ready to find out more? For a deeper dive into the history and impact of this important movement, read on. We are excited to highlight, cheer and share a selection of women-owned clothing companies. This is just a small selection of the amazing women in fashion. We encourage you to continue your research. Women designers and business owners are setting new standards in terms of fit, quality, and social responsibility. Let’s go, ladies.

Women’s History Month & International Women’s Day

Before we get into the details about women-owned clothing companies, you might wonder what Women’s History Month is. What about International Women’s Day, you might ask? It is possible to wonder how these two events compare and differ. Although they are closely related, they serve different purposes and highlight different agendas. Let’s go back in time and learn how these dates and commemorative events came about.

In 1978, what started out as a one-day celebration became a month-long celebration. The U.S. presidents, Congress and the Senate officially declared March Women’s History Month. We now come together to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in history and today. Women’s History Month features stimulating community programs and educational events, from classrooms to state departments.

Fashion Industry: Women-Owned Clothing Brands

Did you know that many of today’s fashion brands are founded by female entrepreneurs? This makes perfect sense. It makes sense. We support women in all aspects of business, in and outside of fashion. Fashion brands owned by women are more than just a current trend. Since Rose Bertin, the dressmaker for Queen Marie Antoinette, female-founded apparel has been a majorstay of the industry. Rose is often credited with bringing haute couture to the forefront of popular culture. Coco Chanel, who dare to design casual and sporty clothing for women, was the one who transformed the industry. This chic-style aesthetic continues today to elevate wardrobes.

Brands of Activewear for Women: Women-Owned Clothing

Half the battle for achieving your fitness goals is feeling confident in your workout gear. A great outfit can make a big difference in your workout. It has been proved. Science is the only way to argue with science. Fit and fashion are the two main themes in recent changes to women’s activewear. Sunny sportswear is a top fashion trend for spring 2022, so it’s not surprising. It used to be characterized by dark colors, sloppy fittings and a lack of style. But the activewear market for women is hotter than ever because of women. We are highlighting three women-owned clothing companies because of their focus on sustainability and function.

Beyond Yoga: Luxe Activewear For the Socially Aware

Beyond Yoga is a leader in the world of luxury activewear and women’s-owned clothing brands. Beyond Yoga is a household name thanks to their soft spacedye fabric. They offer everything from loungewear and sports bras to leggings. Beyond Yoga was founded by Jodi Guber Brrufsky and Michelle Wahler. Their goal is to provide luxury-level comfort for every body shape and size through activewear. They have it down pat.

Girlfriend Collective: Recycle-Ready Women’s Clothing Brand

Girlfriend Collective, an activewear label for women, is a pioneer in sustainable clothing brands as well as women-owned clothing brands. Ellie Dinh, who is the founder of the company, has teamed up with her husband to make ethically-made leggings. Why? There wasn’t any on the market. Ellie created a line in 2016 that makes you look great and makes you feel good. You may be wondering why? Their strong emphasis on recycling materials is the reason. Girlfriend Collective is committed to eco-friendly manufacturing.