Ink Master Exclusive “Artistic Skin Design” for Cool

We are now deep into the Ink Master season 9, where some really talented artists are going home, and this week we lost Artistic Skin Design to one of the teams that we thought would win it all.

Kids Alliance and Elimination

Artistic Skin Design was the winner of this season’s teamwork competition. As a married couple that runs a business, we know how important this dynamic is and felt it had an advantage over other teams. We feel the same way even though they were eliminated. Only a married couple can work together and play together to support each other in stressful situations like an Ink Master competition. We saw Artistic Skin Design do it better than any other team. We were delighted to be able to speak to Dean and April about their time in the show. They spoke openly about their elimination, their alliance’s support and whether we will ever see them again on Ink Master.

CarterMatt. Was it frustrating that you were eliminated in such a bizarre way from the show with only four competitors at the end?

Artistic Skin Design. We were not necessarily disappointed with our elimination, but we both felt that we might have been eliminated if we had been competing against the whole house.

Dane, was it helpful or harmful for you to have so many artists provide feedback during the final challenge?

It was great to be surrounded with my friends and know that they want us to succeed. They also gave me sound advice as they are all amazing artists skin hair and health. The competition’s commotion and stress made it difficult to draw as well as I would have if I was in a more relaxed environment. This competition is all about that. It’s being put in stressful situations and expecting to do your best work. However, I loved my tattoo and was proud of its outcome. I pride myself on not being safe and creating a fun and dynamic tattoo for my canvas.

April, you mentioned that some of your teammates were really in control of a lot creative decisions on the four horsemen. Do you think that if you had more creative people on your team, would you have been criticized for failing to meet the challenge?

Dane and me would have been better able to create tattoos if we were in a team that took the time to listen and work together. Because we were communicating and sharing advice about color and technique, my science tattoo and DJ’s tattoo look cohesive. I am grateful for his support and friendship. For the sake of our competition and our “human canvas”, I wish that the two other artists communicated in the same manner.

Both of you had highs this season. You ever felt like you were the Artistic Skin Design favorite to win it all?

After the final few episodes, we felt confident that we would be in the finale. We were initially skeptical about our chances of getting to the Ink Master House, seeing the talent on the roster. But, after realizing that Dane was having a great run and we had tattoos we were proud off, our hopes were definitely raised. We were quite surprised to be badminton gamers booted.

What did the alliance do for you in this season’s campaign?

We were greatly helped by the alliance, but it was not meant to be used to try to undermine other players or gain an advantage in “the game”. We felt supported by the alliance. These players were not just stepping stones to the finish, but they are great friends and amazing artists. Jessy, Allison and I have joined the “cool kids club” in real-life and we are still going strong. We keep in touch and have a lot of fun watching this unfold!

Do you both want to compete on the Artistic Skin Design show?

The competition’s stress has not yet worn off, even though it has been months. Dane said that he would “gladly shake hands again with the red devil fish” if we needed another boost to our shop or a nostalgic feeling. April is a little more cautious.