Many clients are choosing non-surgical skin tightening techniques as their first choice to instantly lift and tighten the skin. This is without the need for skin tight surgery or downtime. These treatments include Ultraformer III and Thermage. They target deeper layers of the skin with radiofrequency or ultrasonic technology. This helps to stimulate collagen growth and tighten existing collagen. The result is a more youthful, smoother, firmer complexion.

These are Benefits of Non-Surgical, Skin Tightening


Skin tightening treatments tighten and strengthen the skin. This helps to define facial features and create a contoured body shape. This is done by heating the hair skin and nails, which causes collagen to contract and becomes firmer.


Skin tightening is a procedure that targets the skin layer that surgeons pull back after a facelift. This stimulates collagen production. This fills in wrinkles and deep folds, while plumping the skin to give it a more youthful appearance.


Skin Tightening is not a surgical procedure that forces the skin treatment services to contract in an unnatural way. They use your body’s natural healing process to reduce post-treatment risks. The results can be seen in two to six months after a single treatment, and they can last several years. You can maintain your results by receiving regular treatments.


You can resume your normal activities immediately after a non-surgical treatment. This is the best treatment for clients who are unable to wait or cannot afford surgery. It is safer and more comfortable than surgery.


Skin Tightening treatments stimulate collagen, which tightens the skin. This slows down the ageing process. Your useful skin care will appear tighter immediately after treatment and continue to improve over time.


Clients experience minimal discomfort during our treatments. They are often described as a warm and tolerable sensation.

Artisan offers a variety of skin tightening services, including Ultraformer III, Thermage(r), and Profound. To learn more about the skin tightening treatments we offer and how they can help your master the art of you(tm), book a consultation today with one of our experts.

7. More collagen

Collagen, a protein found in hair, nails and connective tissue, provides structure and resilience. As you age, your collagen production slows down, and you start to lose plumpness or elasticity.

Our skin tightening treatments heat up your inner tissues to stimulate collagen production and new cell development. Your skin will become firmer and more elastic as the heat contracts your collagen fibers, making them appear tighter. ThermiSmooth, ThermiVa and Ultherapy can be used externally to heat the skin.

8. Fewer wrinkles

Your skin will look stretched and worn, much like a latex balloon. Our skin tightening treatments target the loose tissues in your skin and repair any areas that look deflated. Your wrinkles will disappear as the collagen beneath the skin becomes smoother.

9. Skin naturally younger looking

The unnatural appearance of a surgical facelift can cause your skin to be forced into a particular position. Our noninvasive, minimally invasive treatments use your body’s natural resources to fill in any gaps and tighten your skin naturally. The results will look natural.

10. All-over body benefits

Many people associate facial or skin care routine with skin tightening or other treatments. But, age isn’t a friend. It affects all skin types. Thermae offers treatments for your legs, arms, abdomen, breasts and even your vagina. We can help you restore symmetry, function, and contour to any area of lax or wrinkled skin.

11. It’s safe and easy

All of our treatments have been FDA approved or cleared. They are safe to use for lax or aging skin. Ultherapy, which uses ultrasound energy to penetrate the skin’s layers, is one example of a non-invasive treatment. ThermiTight is minimally invasive and Dr. Tachuk punctures your skin with a needle to direct radiofrequency energy beneath the surface.

Rest assured, all of our skin-tightening treatments have very few side effects and are extremely comfortable.

12. No downtime

Our treatments are much more comfortable than traditional facelifts and other skin tightening procedures. You can go about your day as you wish after your session. It’s a great option for those who want a facelift but don’t have the budget to wait for a week.

This spring, we can help you look younger. For more information about the skin tightening services offered by Viva Wellness Medical Group, call us or use our online request form.